Biostatistics Services

TruMinds Research is your premier partner for Biostatistics Services, providing robust statistical solutions that are pivotal to the success of your clinical trials. Our experienced biostatisticians collaborate closely with you to ensure accurate data analysis, meaningful interpretation, and actionable insights that drive evidence-based decision-making in the life sciences arena.

Statistical Planning and Study Design

  • In the initial stages of your trial, our biostatisticians contribute to strategic planning and study design:
  • Sample Size Determination: Employ advanced statistical methodologies to calculate optimal sample sizes for robust and meaningful results.
  • Randomization Procedures: Develop effective randomization strategies to ensure balanced and unbiased treatment assignment.
  • Statistical Analysis Plans (SAP): Craft comprehensive SAPs, outlining the statistical methods that will be employed for data analysis.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

  • TruMinds excels in conducting thorough data analysis and interpretation to derive meaningful conclusions:
  • Descriptive Statistics: Summarize and present data using descriptive statistics to provide a clear overview of key study parameters.
  • Inferential Statistics: Utilize a range of inferential statistical techniques to draw reliable conclusions from study findings.
  • Subgroup Analysis: Conduct detailed subgroup analyses to explore variations in treatment effects across different patient populations.

Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

  • Our commitment to quality extends to ensuring regulatory compliance and delivering comprehensive reporting:
  • Regulatory Submissions: Prepare and submit statistical sections of regulatory documents, including Investigational New Drug (IND) applications and New Drug Applications (NDA).
  • Integrated Safety and Efficacy Reports: Compile and analyze safety and efficacy data for the production of integrated reports.
  • Interim and Final Analysis: Conduct interim analyses as needed and deliver final analysis reports for regulatory submissions.
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